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Facing the Foliage with @cnstzn

For more flower portraits, browse the #facethefoliage hashtag and follow @justinablakeney and @cnstzn on Instagram.

Inspired by Justina Blakeney’s (@justinablakeney) #facethefoliage hashtag, Turkey Instagrammer Cansu Tüzan (@cnstzn) started to bring her portraits to life. Using everyday objects including flowers, seashells, metal scraps and jewelry, the student living in Gelibolu, Çanakkale, arranges objects on her desk before creating a character. “When I travel or walk anywhere, I am trying to look for all the details. I am always looking very carefully at everything as all the dried branches, flowers and leaves help me to create new characters.”

Cansu explains how she puts together each photo. “I try to shape hair and eyes, then I realize that the portrait is starting to look at me,” she says. “After I design the portrait, I wonder where it lives or whether the face belongs to a real person. Some of my followers claim my portraits look like their friends or relatives. This feeling makes me happy, as I am dreamer and I love showing my dreams through my works.”


Original photos from the opening of How I Met Your Mother.

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Enroute to AFP Medical Center

Enroute to AFP Medical Center

Baby Alwyn Uytingco :)

Baby Alwyn Uytingco :)

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